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Certificate expiration breaks older OS X installers

InstallElCapitanReplacement developer certificates Apple issued to fix security issues have caused signed packages created using the older replaced certificates to no longer be verifiable. This results in OS X assuming corruption in these files, and will not process them by default. One unfortunate side-effect of this is that older installers you may have collected for past versions of OS X will likely have been signed using older certificates, and may no longer install. Continue reading

How to force OS X 10.10.2 to install on your Mac

PackageIconXAn error may exist in Apple’s latest 10.10.2 updates, where the update will not install on some systems running OS X 10.10.0 or 10.10.1. When the update is applied, either from the App Store or from manual downloads of Apple’s updaters, the installer will claim “This volume does not meet the requirements for this update” and then quit without allowing you to install the update. This will happen even when booted to Safe Mode, suggesting it is not a problem with interference from third-party software. Continue reading

Fix downloaded Adobe Flash installers and updates not opening

FlashIconXWhile the Web is progressively moving away from its dependency on Adobe Flash, the plugin is still quite popular and sometimes required to view Web content. Therefore you might find yourself needing to install it and then regularly update it; however, there may be times when you download Flash from Adobe’s site, but then cannot open the downloaded file. Continue reading

Check what the OS X installer is doing

InstallerIconXWhen you install applications in OS X, you usually download an installer in a .dmg image from the developer, in which there is either the program itself ready to be dragged into your Applications folder, an installation program to run from the disk image itself, or an installation package.

The later of these options will look like an orange box, and when double-clicked will launch the OS X installer program. Continue reading

From the forums: Create a boot disk from the OS X installer

InstallMavericksIconXStarting with Lion, OS X has been distributed almost exclusively online through the App Store, or if you need to wipe your system and reinstall, then the installer can be accessed through Recovery Mode.

While these approaches should work just fine, sometimes it might be impractical, such as when you need to install to more than a couple of systems. In these situations, each system will need to download the installation files, which can take a very long time, especially if your bandwidth is somewhat limited.  Continue reading