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Apple Watch 1.0.1 update breaks Heart Rate Monitor data collection

AppleWatchAfter installing the recent Watch OS update 1.0.1, a number of Apple Watch owners have found that the device’s heart rate monitor has stopped working. Under general use, the Apple Watch should monitor your heart rate when in the background, taking readings every 10 minutes to update the health app on the device. However, with the 1.0.1 update, the monitor may only work when directly instructed to do so, and when put in the background it will pause and stop taking readings. Continue reading

Apple Watch heart monitor woes confirmed by Apple

AppleWatchAs with any new device, the Apple Watch has had its share of complaints from users who expected some functionality and found the device does not live up to expectation. In a recent support document update for the Apple Watch, Apple acknowledges one drawback, where the device may be unable to perform proper biometrics on inked skin. This results in those with tattoos and similar color changes on their wrists, finding the watch’s heart rate monitor will not detect beats, and claim they have zero heart rate. Continue reading