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How to handle multiple disks simultaneously with Disk Utility

DiskUtilityIconXRegardless of the number of storage devices you have attached or built into your Mac, you will likely use Disk Utility for formatting them when necessary, to partition and resize them for various purposes, and otherwise managing them. However, one limitation you might find when using Disk Utility is that it will only act on one drive or volume at a time. Continue reading

How to share files between user accounts in OS X

FinderIconXOS X is designed to isolate users’ files from each other, so while you can have multiple user accounts on your Mac, out of convenience you might end up using services like e-mail, Dropbox, sending files through iMessage, or using other online options as a means of transferring files to other user accounts.

Even though these options can be convenient, they do use third-party solutions that are entirely unnecessary, Continue reading

How to check for free hard drive space in OS X

HardDriveIconXMaintaining a small amount of free drive space is required to keep your Mac running optimally. Even though can add files until the hard drive is full, if you encroach on the last few gigabytes of space, the system will not be able to manage its virtual memory footprint as easily, resulting in slower performance. Additionally, even though OS X manages file fragmentation for conventional hard drives well by keeping 20MB chunks of data in contiguous blocks, this feature requires free space to work. Continue reading