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Which Macs were affected by Thunderstrike?

ThunderboltIconXThe Thunderstrike exploit that affected a number of Mac systems with Thunderbolt ports, and gave an attacker with physical access to the system the ability to overtake the system’s ROM with a maliciously crafted Thunderbolt device. This attack was outlined by security researcher Trammell Hudson, and has been fixed in OS X 10.10.2, so for those who are concerned about their systems being vulnerable, this update should address the problem. Continue reading

iOS ransom hack spreading to US

BurnIconXThe iOS ransom hack that began targeting users in Australia and New Zealand is also affecting those in the United States and other countries.

The hack began this weekend with a number of victims in Australia seeing a “Find My iPhone” service message that locked them out of their iOS devices and claims that a $100 ransom must be paid to a PayPal account in order to regain control of the device. Continue reading

Malicious attack locks iOS devices, demands ransom

BurnIconXIn recent hours, a number of iOS users appear to have been hit by a malware attack that locks their iOS devices and demands a $100 ransom to unlock it again.

Those affected by the issue have reported that when using the device as they normally do, it suddenly locks itself and then displays a message from an “Oleg Pliss” which claims Continue reading