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What programs are forcing the use of your MacBook’s high-power GPU?

ActivityMonitorIconXApple’s high-end MacBook Pro systems have two Graphics processors: an “onboard” one that uses less energy, and a “dedicated” one that is optimized for advanced graphics processing. In normal cases, your Mac will dynamically switch between them based on the demands of applications you use, but this means that any program may spur the system to keep the advanced graphics processor active, and thereby drain your battery life. Continue reading

Class action law suit filed against Apple for 2011 MacBook Pro graphics issues

MacBookProIconXOne of the more recent hardware snafus that Apple’s systems have encountered is a graphics error in its 2011 MacBook Pro line, where both 15-inch and 17-inch models for many users have shown graphics anomalies. So far Apple has not acknowledged the problem and issued fixes for affected owners, and many have had to pay for expensive logic board replacements.

As a result of these actions, after having researched the problem law firm Whitfield Bryson & Mason LLP has filed a class-action law suit against Apple regarding the logic board replacements. Continue reading