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What programs are forcing the use of your MacBook’s high-power GPU?

ActivityMonitorIconXApple’s high-end MacBook Pro systems have two Graphics processors: an “onboard” one that uses less energy, and a “dedicated” one that is optimized for advanced graphics processing. In normal cases, your Mac will dynamically switch between them based on the demands of applications you use, but this means that any program may spur the system to keep the advanced graphics processor active, and thereby drain your battery life. Continue reading

Use your Mac’s integrated graphics to save battery life

EnergySaverIconXApple’s higher-end MacBook Pro systems come with two graphics cards: an integrated one on the CPU and the other a dedicated graphics processor. While more powerful and useful for image manipulation, design, and gaming, the dedicated GPU requires greater energy and can greatly reduce your battery life when in use.

In most cases, OS X will by default switch between Continue reading