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How to make secondary boot partitions read-only in OS X

HardDriveIconXDo you dual-boot your Mac with at least one other installation of OS X? If so then you might benefit from setting up each installation so the other boot partition that mounts is read-only.

When you install OS X, the drive it resides on will be formatted to Mac OS Extended, a format that is fully writable by any current version of OS X. As a result, when you load Continue reading

How to hide a hard drive partition on your Mac

HardDriveIconXGenerally when you either partition your Mac’s boot drive, or attach a secondary drive to your Mac, then provided the partition’s formatting is compatible with OS X, you should see it mount and be available in the Finder. However, there may be times when you might wish to keep a partition hidden, either because you do not use it, or because it is not intended to be shown in the first place. Continue reading