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What can you do with Apple’s new Force-Touch trackpad?

TrackpadIconXIf you recently purchased a MacBook that has Apple’s new Force-Touch trackpad, then as with any new system you might have played around with the trackpad’s features for a little while, and then settled into only using more generic functions like pointing and clicking. This may be especially true if you are a long-standing Mac user and have become accustomed to the previous multi-touch trackpad’s features. However, by keeping a couple of ideas in mind, you can make the best use of your Mac’s new trackpad. Continue reading

The inner-workings of Apple’s Force Touch trackpad revealed

TrackpadIconXIf you are interested in the Force Touch trackpad on Apple’s new MacBook, iFixIt has performed a full teardown of the new system to reveal its underpinnings, and in doing so has outlined some of how the trackpad works. Apple’s trackpad brings several key advancements to its input technology, and while it may not fit everyone’s tastes, it should help overcome a number of limitations to Apple’s current trackpads.  Continue reading