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How to kill a process in OS X

ActivityMonitorIconXWhen an application hangs on your Mac, sometimes the quickest fix is to force the application to quit. In most cases, this will free the system and allow you to re-launch the program to get on with your work. There are three main ways to force-quit a program in OS X. The first is the Force-Quit menu, activated by pressing Option-Command-Escape or by choosing it from the Apple menu. With this, you can quit OS X application programs launched in your user account. Continue reading

How to launch and quit applications in OS X using the Terminal

NewTerminalIconXWhen you run any command in the OS X Terminal, you are running some program that has been coded and compiled to perform a specific function, be it something simple like “ls” to list directory contents, or something more interactive like “top” to display information on running processes. These commands are all programs on your Mac, just like applications such as Pages, Word, TextEdit, and Safari that have graphical interfaces and are the main productivity programs you use when running OS X. Continue reading

How to force-quit an application in OS X

ApplicationIconXForce-quitting an application is a quick way to clear a program that is hanging, running slowly, or otherwise cannot be quit by normal means using the Quit function in the Application menu. While you might be familiar with the standard Force-quit dialogue box to force-quit programs, there are a number of other ways to do this.

First and foremost is, of course, the Continue reading