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Quickly access special characters in OS X

FontBookIconXSpecial characters are all of those symbols and glyphs that are not available to you by way of direct keyboard input, and in modern operating systems with full Unicode character palettes, there are thousands of them. Your Mac comes with numerous type faces, many of which are fonts for specific languages, so they contain vast arrays of unique characters. In addition, there are numerous symbols, technical and otherwise, that are included with OS X. Continue reading

Font types supported in OS X

FontBookIconXWhile most modern fonts should be available in a format supported in OS X, you might have a collection or two that may be older types which you might not be sure work on your Mac. If so, then while you can simply try installing them to see if they will work, you might first check to ensure they are fully supported.

The types of fonts Apple fully supports Continue reading

Word font corruption may cause OS X to hang

WordIconXThere may be some instances where opening a rogue Microsoft Word document on your Mac might result in a progressive hang of OS X applications and services, to the point where the system is no longer responsive to any input.

When this happens, the document will open without problems in PC versions of Word, but when you Continue reading

How to troubleshoot font problems in OS X

FontBookIconXFonts are not just files, but rather system plug-ins, similar in ways to an extension or add-on application. When added and activated, they load into memory and are associated to programs by the system so programs can make use of them and show information about them.

As a result, should a font be damaged, or perhaps conflict with another font, then not only might it lead to Continue reading