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Four ways to quickly access a file or folder in the Terminal

NewTerminalIconXIf you are at least vaguely familiar with the Terminal, then you will know that performing actions on files and folders requires you specify their full paths, and often this means you need to change to a specific directory. While you can use the “cd” command and then type out the path to the desired directory, often the sheer length of the path makes this an impractical approach. However, in the Terminal, there are four approaches you can take to make accessing a desired file or folder quicker. Continue reading

Reset LaunchPad to fix persistent empty folder bug

LaunchPadIconXIf you install many programs on your Mac, then in a similar way to managing Apps in iOS devices, you can click and drag the various icons in LaunchPad on top of each other to create folders containing them. With such folders created, you ought to be able to undo them by simply removing items from them and when the second to last item is removed, the folder should disappear; however, a bug exists in OS X where this may not happen, leaving you with a number of empty folders that will not disappear from your system, and may progressively clutter LaunchPad. Continue reading