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How to quickly target shared computers by name in OS X

NetworkIconXEven though in most cases Apple’s Bonjour networking technology allows your Mac to discover relevant services that are broadcast by nearby systems (e.g., shared systems showing in the Finder sidebar), there are times when you may need to enter computer names manually to connect. In these cases, you will have to specify the full name of the system you are targeting, including its domain. For Mac systems, this means append the “.local” suffix to a computer name in order to target it on the local network. However, there is a quick way to avoid having to do this. Continue reading

How to put your personal Mac on your work’s network

NetworkIconXQuite often corporate networks will have restrictions that prevent you from using them with your personal system. Sometimes, only systems that have been imaged by an IT department are allowed on a domain, with others being restricted via MAC address filtering (among other methods) from even connecting. However, you may find yourself having worked on projects using your personal laptop, and then needing to either access a printer or copy files to network resources at work. While using USB drives is the preferred approach for this, depending on your network setup you may be able to get yourself onto the network. Continue reading

Can’t open files in Windows shared folders? This may help

SMBShareIconXIf you have Windows systems on your local network, and have them configured to share files with Windows file sharing, then they should appear in your Mac’s Finder sidebar where you can connect and copy files. However, there may be times when in doing so, you will be able to browse files but not be able to open or edit them, even though there is no indication of a permissions restriction or other barrier. Continue reading

Three approaches for quickly accessing shared folders in OS X

SharedFolderIconXDo you access shared folders often on your Mac? While the use of AirDrop, Messages, e-Mail, and online drive options are great for personal and workgroup sharing, often in corporate environments you might have central shared folders to store data. You might also have a theater system, file server, or other central storage set up on your home network that you might wish to access regularly. Continue reading

How to share files between user accounts in OS X

FinderIconXOS X is designed to isolate users’ files from each other, so while you can have multiple user accounts on your Mac, out of convenience you might end up using services like e-mail, Dropbox, sending files through iMessage, or using other online options as a means of transferring files to other user accounts.

Even though these options can be convenient, they do use third-party solutions that are entirely unnecessary, Continue reading

Intel outlines Thunderbolt networking

ThunderboltIconXIntel has announced Thunderbolt Networking as part of its push for Thunderbolt 2 expansion in the PC market.

Thunderbolt is one of the latest expansion technologies for PCs, developed by Intel under the code name “Light Peak” as a fiber-based connection technology, Thunderbolt debuted in Apple’s 2011 MacBook Pro and was soon implemented through Apple’s Mac lineup. Continue reading