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Mac Skills: Switch to top-most windows

DockIconXWhen you use multiple applications on your Mac, you may end up with many windows open at once in each application. This may be for work you are currently doing, but at times you might find yourself with a mountain of open windows that contain progress for various projects, and you might wish to keep them open for the sake of your workflow. Continue reading

Switch only to a specific window in a background application

MissionControlIconXIf your computing habits are anything like mine, after a few hours of work you will end up with a plethora of windows open in various applications. You may have a number of different Safari windows open, along with your workflow and notes organized in TextEdit, half-composed e-mail messages, PDFs and other images open in Preview, and various utilities open. Needless to say, after a while you might simply run out of screen real estate Continue reading

Tip: Hide or unhide applications to remove clutter

FinderIconXIf you regularly use your Mac for multiple tasks, you might have a number of applications, application windows, and documents open at the same time. These may include browser windows, preference windows for open applications, and perhaps iTunes, iPhoto, and multiple Terminal sessions, among many others. Continue reading