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Apple to replace MacBook displays with peeling anti-reflective coatings

MacBookProIconXApple’s Retina MacBook Pros have a glass-covered display that has a coating of anti-reflective material to combat glare. However, some users have found that after a while this coating may separate, causing unsightly splotches that are most apparent when viewing darker content in bright lighting situations. If you are noticing these problems with your MacBook, then you may be in luck, as Apple has started a program to offer free replacements for the devices. Continue reading

How to rotate your Mac’s display

DisplaysIconXFor the most part you will likely set up your Mac’s display in its default landscape orientation; however, there may be times when you might find it could be more convenient to have your Mac oriented such that its display is at a 90 or 180 degree orientation.

For instance, flipping an external monitor on its side will allow you to better view letters and text documents, especially when handled in full-screen mode. Continue reading

Anti-Reflective coatings separating on MacBook displays

MacBookProIconXThe anti-reflective display coating on some MacBook systems may separate from the glass panel over time, leaving a notable permanent discoloration on the display. When this occurs, the discoloration may spread quite easily as the separation expands. Given that Apple has used anti-reflective coatings on many MacBook systems (both retina and non-retina), this problem may be a potential issue for many people. Continue reading