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The only ‘required’ maintenance for your Mac

ActivityMonitorIconXYou may have heard that in order to keep your Mac running in tip top shape, you need to perform regular maintenance routines on it to clear out caches and other temporary items. These can be useful at times, especially if your system is showing problems with specific applications or services; however, clearing caches, log files, and other so-called “maintenance” routines regularly will often have no effect on the system and may sometimes be entirely unnecessary steps to take. Continue reading

How to prepare a drive for use in OS X

USBDriveIconXWhen you purchase a thumb drive or hard drive and attach or install it in your Mac, you likely will be able to use it right away; however, depending on the uses you intend for the drive, its default setup may not be the most optimal.

In most cases, manufacturers ship drives formatted to the FAT32 filesystem, since this format is universally supported Continue reading

How to fix deep formatting problems with OS X drives

DiskUtilityIconXEven though formatting advances like Journaling in Apple’s filesystem formats help prevent data corruption, problems can still happen that result in a drive not only being unreadable, but also unable to be reformatted.

If this happens, the drive may show up in the Finder sidebar but not show data when clicked, Continue reading

About Disk Image file format options

DiskImageIconXOne useful feature in OS X is support for disk images. These are container files that commonly end in the .dmg suffix, which represent virtual disks to the operating system when opened. By double-clicking these files, the system will mount them just as if you attached an external drive, and then allow you to copy files to and from them.

While most disk images you encounter will be from a developer or other third-party distributer, you can also create your own using Apple’s Disk Utility program.  Continue reading