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Family Sharing may be draining your iPhone’s battery

BatteryIconXIf your iPhone is suddenly not holding its charge, then the problem may be stemming from the use of Apple’s Family Sharing service.

Being a fairly generic problem, battery drain on an iPhone can happen from a number of different reasons, and while potential causes include worn out or damaged batteries not being able to hold a charge, this generally progresses over time and is more prevalent with older devices. Continue reading

Apple ditching discoveryd for mDNSResponder in latest OS X 10.10 release

NetworkIconXHas your Mac been affected by Wi-Fi dropouts, short battery life, and the inability to maintain connections or discover devices on your network after having installed OS X Yosemite? If so, then the problem is likely going to be addressed in a significant way by Apple in the next update to OS X.

The problem is happening because of the introduction of a new DNS resolving service called “discoveryd” that Continue reading

Fix your Mac’s network name getting (2) appended to it

NetworkIconXWhen you enable services like screen sharing, file sharing, or printer sharing, OS X will broadcast your Mac’s name on the local network so it can be discovered and made available to other systems. However, when you do so you may run into an issue where a number is appended to your Mac’s name. For example, if your iMac is named “My iMac,” you might expect to see just this name appear in the Finder of other Macs on the network; however, with this naming issue you will see “My iMac (2).” Continue reading