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Fix reverting screensaver settings in OS X

DesktopAndScreenSaverIconXThe screensaver in OS X is a convenient tool to have enabled, even if its conventional use to prevent phosphor burn-in on CRT monitors is a somewhat moot point in this age of flat-screen displays. While you can choose your desired screen saver and apply some customizations to its settings in your Mac’s Desktop & Screen Saver system preferences, sometimes you might find (especially after upgrading your OS) that the screen saver’s settings, or the selected screen saver itself, will revert from any changes you have made. Continue reading

Enable text selection in QuickLook

QuickLookIconXApple’s QuickLook feature in OS X is a convenient option to have when browsing for files on your Mac’s hard drive. By simply pressing the space bar with an item highlighted, you can view information about it, or see its contents. If you use this to preview the contents of text files, then you might find some added convenience from the hidden option of being able to select and copy text from within the QuickLook window. Continue reading

How to properly manipulate defaults in OS X

TerminalIconXThe “defaults” system in OS X is Apple’s preferences-writing and management system, which many programs and system services use to read and write preferences to disk.

In general, the preferences written to disk are those that the developer intends to be modifiable by you or to be otherwise configured; however, in addition to these there are quite often a number of hidden settings that are in a particular program’s defaults. Continue reading