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Tip: drag text to copy and make clippings

FinderIconXWhen you need to copy and paste text from a Web page, or from a Text or Word document, you usually click and drag your cursor over the desired text to select it, followed by pressing Command-C to copy it to the clipboard. From here the text can be repeatedly pasted; however, this routine is limited to one set of copied content. If you select another chunk of text and copy it to the clipboard, it will replace the text you initially copied. Continue reading

Copy and manage search results directly from the Spotlight menu

SpotlightIconXIf you need to find a document, program, or other file on your hard drive, then you can do so quickly by opening the Spotlight menu located at the far right of your menu bar and typing keywords to perform a search. In addition, Spotlight supports several other services like calculator functions, where you can type “5 + 6,” for instance, and get 11 as the result. Continue reading