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Change your contextual internet search

FinderIconXWhen you right-click a word in programs like Safari or in word processors, in addition to options for copying and pasting, or perhaps changing the style of the word, there might be a couple of options for looking the word up. The first of these is a quick-access link for the word’s definition in the Dictionary, and the second is to search Google for the word, which will launch Safari and perform a standard Google search for it. Continue reading

How to quickly look up words in OS X

DictionaryIconXWhen browsing the Web, reading documents in programs TextEdit or Pages, you might come across a word or two that you do not know, or perhaps you are composing a document and need to look up synonyms. While there are online options such as Dictionary.com and its sister site Thesaurus.com which offer great word research tools, Apple includes a couple of quick ways to look up a word in OS X. Continue reading