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Three useful workflow tips for OS X Terminal users

NewTerminalIconXWhether you are a seasoned Terminal user or just getting your feet wet, you may find yourself somewhat limited by the text based interface of the Terminal. Though powerful, the single line entry point, fixed font size, and scrolling history behavior of the Terminal’s output may have you squinting, scrolling, and otherwise jumping through some hoops to see what you are working on. However, there are a few built-in tricks in the OS X Terminal that may help you overcome these frustrations. Continue reading

Terminal Tip: How to quickly open output in a text file

TerminalIconXWhen using the OS X Terminal, you will be dealing with text output from the various commands you run, be it a directory listing after running the “ls” command, or brief help for some commands that will show when you enter just the command with no additional arguments. Regardless of what it is, you may find that frequently the output can be extensive, and may wish to save it in a more permanent way. Continue reading