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How to verify and repair colorsync profiles in OS X

ColorSyncUtilityIconXColorSync is Apple’s technology for matching colors between image-handling devices, so an image shown on one will appear with the same tones and hues will appear the same on another. This can be seen if you use dual displays from different manufacturers, where one might show more reds or greens than another; however, if you properly calibrate your display, then you will allow your Mac to adjust for these color differences and make graphics on both appear the same. Continue reading

Options for looking up ColorSync information

ColorSyncUtilityIconXColorSync is Apple’s technology for matching color input and output on devices that handle graphics, an example of which would be having a printer give the same color balance and output as you see on your Mac’s display.

The means by which ColorSync balances color output is through ColorSync profiles, which correct for the hardware differences in color-managing devices. Continue reading