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How to access Expert Mode when calibrating your Displays in El Capitan

ColorSyncIconXCalibrating your Mac’s display will ensure the digital values in images are translated to display properly on the display devices you use, and is an important step anyone doing image editing and graphic design. To help with this, OS X has a built-in display calibration tool which supports both basic and expert modes for calibrating your display. These options are nothing new for OS X; however, in El Capitan Apple has made the calibrator’s expert mode hidden by default. Continue reading

How to customize your Mac’s highlight color

ColorPickerOne of the details that we perhaps take for granted when using our Macs is the highlight color of text and other items when we select them. For the longest time, Apple has been in love with the color blue, and has made this the default color for items when you select them either to copy, replace, or otherwise manipulate. This is true for selectable text in editors and system panels, as well as the highlight color in the Finder and elsewhere. If for some reason you would like to use another color than blue, then you can do so rather easily. Continue reading