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How to access Expert Mode when calibrating your Displays in El Capitan

ColorSyncIconXCalibrating your Mac’s display will ensure the digital values in images are translated to display properly on the display devices you use, and is an important step anyone doing image editing and graphic design. To help with this, OS X has a built-in display calibration tool which supports both basic and expert modes for calibrating your display. These options are nothing new for OS X; however, in El Capitan Apple has made the calibrator’s expert mode hidden by default. Continue reading

Calibrate your Mac’s monitor to ensure proper color representation

DisplaysIconXEvery monitor you use with your Mac, be it a built-in one or an external one, will have different color output properties. For example, in one monitor you might see more red than another monitor, which may cause color balances to be off either between two monitors you use with the same Mac, or when you view an image on a different Mac.

To adjust for this, manufacturers generally include Continue reading