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Easily schedule tasks with Calendar in OS X

CalendarIconXManaging documents and opening applications in OS X is relatively straightforward; however, there might be times when you would like to schedule specific files to open. These might be an application or two, or perhaps a document such as a PDF that you might access at a given time every day, or perhaps only use on Mondays or Fridays. Additionally, if you have scripted routines, including those made with Automator, then you might Continue reading

Q&A: MacIssues Answers

QuestionIconXMacIssues Answers is a periodic column where I respond to questions asked by MacIssues readers. In this session, readers asked about styling text in Calendar entries, how to best switch from Thunderbird to Mail, and how to remove unused and cluttering apps that were purchased and are now sitting in iCloud.

MacIssues is intended to be a community effort and I welcome contributions from readers, Continue reading