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Unable to boot to a secondary hard drive? This may help

HardDriveIconXOne long-standing and useful feature in OS X is its ability to boot from practically any mountable partition, including external drives. This allows for quick ways to test an installation, isolate different uses of your Mac to separate boot drives, troubleshoot aspects of your Mac’s hardware and internal storage, and create bootable backups of your Mac’s hard drive. While useful, there are times when your Mac will not boot to such partitions, even if they are perfectly healthy. If so, then here is what to do about it. Continue reading

How to make a bootable Yosemite installation drive in 10 steps

YosemiteInstallerIconXIf you intend on upgrading your Mac to OS X Yosemite, then I recommend you first save the installer that is downloaded to your Applications folder, as this can be used to directly install to other Macs you own. It also can be used to create a bootable OS X installation drive, which you can likewise use to upgrade other Mac’s, or better yet, reinstall OS X from scratch if needed. Continue reading

How to make secondary boot partitions read-only in OS X

HardDriveIconXDo you dual-boot your Mac with at least one other installation of OS X? If so then you might benefit from setting up each installation so the other boot partition that mounts is read-only.

When you install OS X, the drive it resides on will be formatted to Mac OS Extended, a format that is fully writable by any current version of OS X. As a result, when you load Continue reading