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Overcome Bluetooth devices not staying paired after sleeping OS X

BluetoothIconXIf you have bluetooth devices paired with your Mac, then they ought to automatically re-establish their connection when you restart your Mac or wake it from sleep. However, there may be times when this does not occur, and furthermore, you may find yourself unable to maintain the connection once woken from sleep. As a result, your connected devices may continually drop, or refuse to pair after sleeping. Continue reading

Determine whether or not your Mac will support Handoff in Yosemite

BluetoothIconXApple’s upcoming OS X 10.10 “Yosemite” will come with a new feature called Handoff, which in conjunction with other Macs and iDevices running iOS 8, will allow you to seamlessly create content on one and then continue your work on another.

This feature will use Bluetooth to synchronize your workflows between computers; however, it will require Continue reading

Handoff in Yosemite limited to BlueTooth 4.0 LE enabled Macs

ContinuityIconXOne feature that Apple has touted in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite is “Handoff,” where you can begin work on one Apple device, and then continue that work seamlessly on another. For instance, you will be able to compose an e-mail or Pages document on your Mac, then grab your iPhone, tap the Handoff notice on your iOS screen, and be able to continue your work Continue reading

Troubleshooting Bluetooth connections in OS X

BluetoothIconXIf you use Bluetooth devices such as speakers and headphones, mice, keyboards, and printers with your Mac, there may be instances where you might run into connectivity issues, resulting in regular pauses or other disconnections between your Mac and the device. These can be frustrating to deal with, so if you are experiencing them then there are several ways you can go about increasing the stability of your bluetooth connections. Continue reading