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Rootpipe vulnerability still affects Macs despite patch

SecurityIconXDespite having issued an update that patches the recent security flaw in OS X called “rootpipe,” security researchers are demonstrating that OS X is still open to this ongoing vulnerability. Rootpipe is a backdoor flaw in OS X where a hacker can break the OS X sandboxing rules that isolate running processes. In doing so, a program that does not have admin access can gain these privileges and get full root privileges to the system. Continue reading

New ‘iWorm’ botnet discovered affecting OS X systems

BurnIconXA new botnet malware threat called ‘Mac.BackDoor.iWorm’ has been discovered by Russian security firm Dr. Web, which claims it is affecting more than 17,000 OS X systems. When installed, the malware will search the popular online community Reddit for pages containing links to command & control servers. At this point the infected system begins communicating with the servers and other systems connected to them, allowing the system to be used in tandem with others for various Continue reading