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How to authenticate a shell script with the OS X GUI

NewTerminalIconXWhen you run various commands and scripts in OS X, you may need to first authenticate the actions you are taking as administrator. While some commands include options for providing authentication, generally you will run the “sudo” command as a precursor to your desired one, in order to promote the desired one to run with full administrative access privileges. Continue reading

Overcome ‘Authentication Required’ error for shared printers in OS X

PrinterIconXIf you have a USB printer available, then one of the easiest ways to make it a communal printer is to share it on the network. However, there may be times when in attempting to print to such printers, you see your print job spool to the device, but it then sits in your print queue with a small message that states something about the job being on hold with authentication required.

This issue may happen for several reasons, and generally can be fixed with a few quick adjustments: Continue reading