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How to adjust and manage alert volumes in OS X

SoundIconXWhen you are giving a presentation, enjoying a movie, or perhaps relaxing with some music, one of the last things you might want is for your computer to issue some error coupled with a startling alert sound. Granted alerts are intended to get your attention, but when too loud they can be exceptionally frustrating. To help prevent this, you have three options for managing alert sounds: relative volume levels, different alert sounds, and alternative output devices. Continue reading

Fix buzzy or faint microphone recordings on your Mac

SoundIconXWith the progression of audio options like iMessage audio messages and taking phone calls from iOS 8 in OS X, you might find yourself using your Mac’s microphone far more than in the past. However, there may be times when in attempting to chat with people or record audio messages, you find your recordings are either too faint and require the recipient to crank up his or her volume, or are saturated where words you say are overcome by a loud and buzzy sound. Continue reading

How to quickly record audio in OS X

SoundIconXIf you need to record a quick sound bite, or other audio to your Mac, then while you might find yourself looking for a third-party program, or even to programs like Garageband to do the job, you can also look no further than Apple’s included QuickTime Player. In other words, no purchase necessary.

In order to record on your Mac, you can use your Mac’s built-in microphone, or a third-party mic Continue reading

How to look up the audio capabilities of your Mac

SoundIconXWhile for the most part the only audio-related settings you interact with on your Mac are the volume controls, there might be times when you need to look up or configure more specific details.

There are three basic areas in OS X where you can look up audio information and configure it: The system preferences, the system information utility, and the Audio MIDI Setup utility. Continue reading