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How to verify app signatures in OS X

ApplicationIconXOne potential route by which an attacker can compromise your Mac is to modify a legitimate software package to contain malware. While this is difficult to do through official software distribution channels (e.g., the Mac App Store), it can be done through popular alternative approaches like peer-to-peer networking and third-party software distribution Web sites. Continue reading

How to uninstall App Store apps from the command line

MacAppStoreIconXThe App Store offers a quick way to find and install applications on your Mac, but Apple does not have an interface for removing any of the programs you have added. While the App Store downloads applications, you must resort to methods other than the App Store program for removing your purchases.

The first approach for removing programs is the most intuitive and commonly used, which is to simply Continue reading

Prepare your apps for OS X Yosemite

MacAppStoreIconXApple is expected to release OS X Yosemite today, where after months of testing with its developers and its new Public Beta program, the new version of OS X will be made available as a free download from the App Store. As with prior OS X upgrades, Yosemite will come with a number of new services and features that have been extensively tested, but which may still have a bug or two so while you might be eager to upgrade, be sure you have prepared your Mac by at least fully backing it up with Time Machine, but in addition, be sure your apps are fully updated. Continue reading

Four window management options for OS X

FinderIconXIf you regularly use many windows on your Mac, then you might find they can get cluttered as they overlap and otherwise hide each other. While Apple has options to gather windows on a single display, or to arrange them all in front, these might not be adequate for your window management needs.

There are several third-party window-management Continue reading

Q&A: MacIssues Answers

QuestionIconXMacIssues Answers is a periodic column where I respond to questions asked by MacIssues readers. In this session, readers asked about styling text in Calendar entries, how to best switch from Thunderbird to Mail, and how to remove unused and cluttering apps that were purchased and are now sitting in iCloud.

MacIssues is intended to be a community effort and I welcome contributions from readers, Continue reading