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New demo videos reveal a touch more about the Apple Watch

AppleWatchWhen considering whether or not to purchase anything, it helps to see it in action, and that seems to be the major buzz revolving around the Apple Watch these days: Who can get their hands on one, and what does it look like? To help satisfy this curiosity and show all of the nuances for how the Apple Watch is setup and used, Apple has released a set of short guided tours to show what you can do with it, that both confirm and enhance our current understanding of the device. Continue reading

It is doubtful Apple will make an Apple Car

AppleLogoXRedWhether or not Apple will break into the automobile industry is one of the hottest topics these days. Since the finding of Apple’s development team found working on an extensive automobile project, Apple has been silent regarding this effort, leaving it as anyone’s guess as to what Apple is up to. This has brought forth speculation from every corner of the tech and automobile sectors, but while only Apple knows what its offerings will be, a few signs suggest we won’t be seeing an Apple-branded car anytime soon. Continue reading

Apple not acknowledging 2011 MacBook Pro graphics errors

MacBookProIconXDo you have a 2011-model MacBook Pro, and if so, have you been experiencing odd graphics issues that hinder your ability to use your Mac and even cause it to crash? This problem has been noted by a number of owners of the 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook models, with the problem suspected of being rooted in the discrete AMD graphics chips used in these models; however, according to AppleInsider, while some Apple employees are aware of the problem, Apple so far is not expected to implement a replacement program for those affected. Continue reading

Apple launches 5W European USB power adapter exchange program

AppleLogoXRedAfter finding faults with its European 5W power adapter for charging iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S models that were shipped between October 2009 and September 2012, Apple has opened up an exchange program that will allow customers with faulty models to exchange them for free.

The models affected are the ones labeled Continue reading

Two Steve Jobs speeches embedded in Pages for OS X

PagesIconXOne of the more famous speeches given by Steve Jobs during his lifetime was to the Stanford graduating class of 2005, where he touched on his life, opportunities, and philosophies as inspirational words to the new graduates of that year. In addition, Steve Jobs’ “Crazy Ones” speech is perhaps one of the more iconic ones by the late Apple founder and CEO. Continue reading

500 millionth iPhone gets little fanfare

iPhoneIconXEven though according to Forbes, Apple has cranked the 500 millionth iPhone off the assembly line, this milestone has been met with little acknowledgement by Apple.

In the past, Apple has used various milestones to promote its products and services; however, Apple has rarely done so for sales of its physical products. Instead, it has focused these efforts on milestones of sales in the App Store, or in the iTunes store. Continue reading