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Check whether your bank is participating in Apple Pay

ApplePayIconXApple Pay accompanies Google Wallet, Paypal, and several other competing technologies as the future of payment systems, but being new, the number of financial institutions that support it are somewhat limited. Granted the more popular and larger banks are practically all on board with Apple Pay so most people will be able to set it up with their accounts; however, those who are part of local credit unions and other small financial institutions may still be waiting. Continue reading

New demo videos reveal a touch more about the Apple Watch

AppleWatchWhen considering whether or not to purchase anything, it helps to see it in action, and that seems to be the major buzz revolving around the Apple Watch these days: Who can get their hands on one, and what does it look like? To help satisfy this curiosity and show all of the nuances for how the Apple Watch is setup and used, Apple has released a set of short guided tours to show what you can do with it, that both confirm and enhance our current understanding of the device. Continue reading

How to get the most out of your Apple Watch’s battery

BatteryIconXOne of the controversial issues about the new Apple Watch is its battery life, where unlike other smart watch offerings that give you days of use, the battery is slated to last about a day before you need to charge it; however, this is only under a generalized usage condition. Under heavy usage, the battery is claimed to last 5 hours. While these claims are out by Apple, as with its MacBook batteries, those interested in the Apple Watch will likely view this with a skeptical eye and be truly interested in how long the watch will last, both under their desired uses, and over time. Here is a more in depth breakdown of what to expect from the Apple Watch’s battery. Continue reading

The Apple Watch edition differences in a nutshell

AppleWatchEver since Apple’s initial announcement about the Apple Watch, we have known it will be a $350+ extension for the iPhone; however, in this latest update, Apple has outlined some finer details, giving us pricing and options for the new device. The Apple Watch will be made available for pre-order on April 9, and then ship on April 24, so until then and provided you have considered the relevance of the Apple Watch for your lifestyle, you have only a few durability options to consider for your money. Continue reading

How to set up and use Apple Pay with an Apple Watch

AppleWatchThe Apple Watch’s release date is expected to be announced on Monday, and while you might have reservations on when to get one, if you have decided to, then you might be interested in using it for Apple Pay, especially if you are the owner of an iPhone 5, 5C, or 5S, and so far have not been able to take advantage of Apple Pay. The Apple Watch’s NFC chip will allow you to take advantage of Apple Pay at vendor terminals that support it, so when you get your watch, you will have several steps to take in order to use Apple Pay. Continue reading

Considerations Before Purchasing an Apple Watch

AppleWatchThe Apple Watch is just around the corner, and has gained so much buzz that it has won some notable awards even before it has hit the shelves (one can only guess at how that happens). Given that Appleā€™s marketing department is in high gear for this new device, we are left wondering whether it will take off, or flop. From this, the big question really boils down to: will you buy one? Even though a new slick watch looks and sounds neat, unless it fits your lifestyle you might end up with a device you either do not use, or find little utility for. Continue reading

Apple Watch to be a controller for many devices

AppleWatchWhen the Apple Watch was introduced, Apple touted features like fitness capabilities and Apple Pay, but there was little mention of how it interfaces with devices other than the iPhone.

Despite this apparent limit to pairing with one device, Apple Watch clearly has potential to be more than simply an iPhone accessory. While you can tweet from it and view updates, its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities have suggested it can do far more. Continue reading