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Apple Updates AppleCare+ for Apple Watch: Covering greater charge ranges

AppleWatchApple has updated its AppleCare+ protection plan for the Apple Watch, claiming it will replace batteries free of charge if they do not hold at least 80% of its original charge level. This changes from the original AppleCare+ plan that only addressed batteries that would not hold 50% of their original charge. Continue reading

Apple Watch may lock after going to sleep

AppleWatchIf you have an Apple Watch and are finding you need to unlock it regularly after it has gone to standby mode while still on your wrist, then you are not alone. Recently the Apple Watch was found to have troubles reading heart rates, especially for those with tattoos and other obstructions on their wrists, but the problems that cause the watch to miss heartbeats may also have the watch assume it is no longer on your wrist, and thereby lock itself for security. Continue reading

Apple Watch 1.0.1 update breaks Heart Rate Monitor data collection

AppleWatchAfter installing the recent Watch OS update 1.0.1, a number of Apple Watch owners have found that the device’s heart rate monitor has stopped working. Under general use, the Apple Watch should monitor your heart rate when in the background, taking readings every 10 minutes to update the health app on the device. However, with the 1.0.1 update, the monitor may only work when directly instructed to do so, and when put in the background it will pause and stop taking readings. Continue reading

Apple issues Watch OS update 1.0.1

AppleWatchFor those who have purchased an Apple Watch, Apple has released the first OS update to fix a few outstanding bugs in the device’s initial release. The update, which is about 51MB in size, brings fixes for Siri, as well as improvements for measuring several activities, including standing time, calories for cycling and rowing workouts, and distances for walks and runs. Continue reading

Fix a faulty Digital Crown on your Apple Watch

AppleWatchOne of the interface features of the Apple Watch that Apple has been proud of is its digital crown, which as a jog-dial acts somewhat similarly to the crown on traditional watches (though winding it will not charge your watch). Given that it is central to operating your watch, you may find yourself a bit frustrated if the crown becomes a bit rough to rotate, or has trouble registering button presses. If these happen to you, then you may be surprised at the suggestions Apple offers for fixing your watch. Continue reading

Apple Watch heart monitor woes confirmed by Apple

AppleWatchAs with any new device, the Apple Watch has had its share of complaints from users who expected some functionality and found the device does not live up to expectation. In a recent support document update for the Apple Watch, Apple acknowledges one drawback, where the device may be unable to perform proper biometrics on inked skin. This results in those with tattoos and similar color changes on their wrists, finding the watch’s heart rate monitor will not detect beats, and claim they have zero heart rate. Continue reading

How to take screenshots on any supported Apple device

DisplaysIconXCapturing the current view of your Mac or iPhone can be useful for communicating exactly what you are seeing on your screen to someone. This can be great for troubleshooting and guiding someone on a specific procedure, but can also be useful for quickly preserving an image or some text you are seeing. Most Apple devices that display content support a screenshot option, and this can be invoked in most conditions to capture what you are seeing. Continue reading

Check whether your bank is participating in Apple Pay

ApplePayIconXApple Pay accompanies Google Wallet, Paypal, and several other competing technologies as the future of payment systems, but being new, the number of financial institutions that support it are somewhat limited. Granted the more popular and larger banks are practically all on board with Apple Pay so most people will be able to set it up with their accounts; however, those who are part of local credit unions and other small financial institutions may still be waiting. Continue reading

New demo videos reveal a touch more about the Apple Watch

AppleWatchWhen considering whether or not to purchase anything, it helps to see it in action, and that seems to be the major buzz revolving around the Apple Watch these days: Who can get their hands on one, and what does it look like? To help satisfy this curiosity and show all of the nuances for how the Apple Watch is setup and used, Apple has released a set of short guided tours to show what you can do with it, that both confirm and enhance our current understanding of the device. Continue reading

How to get the most out of your Apple Watch’s battery

BatteryIconXOne of the controversial issues about the new Apple Watch is its battery life, where unlike other smart watch offerings that give you days of use, the battery is slated to last about a day before you need to charge it; however, this is only under a generalized usage condition. Under heavy usage, the battery is claimed to last 5 hours. While these claims are out by Apple, as with its MacBook batteries, those interested in the Apple Watch will likely view this with a skeptical eye and be truly interested in how long the watch will last, both under their desired uses, and over time. Here is a more in depth breakdown of what to expect from the Apple Watch’s battery. Continue reading