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How to put your Mac to sleep and keep it there

EnergySaverIconXPutting your Mac to sleep is perhaps one of the easiest tasks you can do; however, there are several options for doing this that you might not know about, and in addition, if your Mac is either not going or not staying in sleep mode, then there are several things you can try to remedy the situation.

First, to get your Mac to sleep you have anything from menu options to Terminal commands that can get you there: Continue reading

How to check the model number of your Mac

MacBookProIconXApple’s common system for differentiating its various models in a given computer line is a bit unique, where instead of appending a collection of letters and/or numbers to a model as it did in the past (e.g. Performa 675), it now uses a segment of the year in which the model was introduced, such as the “mid-2012” version, or the “late-2013” model, or finally the “early-2014” model.

If you need to service your system, or update it, then you may need to know this detail about it in order to Continue reading