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Apple discontinuing support for AOL screen names on March 31

AppleLogoXRedIf you use an AOL username for purchases with the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store, then consider heeding warning messages in these apps for changing your login over to an Apple ID, as Apple will soon discontinue support for AOL accounts for its online services. Starting on March 31, 2015, Apple will no longer support the use of AOL Screen Names for these services, so you will not be able to log in and access content purchased under these usernames. Continue reading

Two-factor authentication comes to iMessage and FaceTime

NewMessagesIconXApple recently debuted a two-factor authentication approach for securing Apple IDs from hacking; however, this has been limited to authenticating on Apple’s Web site or making purchases using iTunes. Now Apple has expanded this security measure to work with its text, voice, and video messaging services. Continue reading

Reinstall App Store apps to switch associated Apple IDs

MacAppStoreIconXThe App Store included in OS X allows you to purchase and download many programs to your system, and while each download is registered to the Apple ID used to purchase it, any user on the system should be able to open the program and use it. However, when it comes to updating the program, only the Apple ID used for purchasing it can be used to download updates. Continue reading

New phishing attempt mimics Apple support

BurnIconXA new malicious effort by cyber criminals is making the rounds, which mimics Apple’s user account management site in an attempt to steal Apple IDs.

With a stolen Apple ID, a criminal can potentially log into your iCloud account and gain access to email and contacts, as well as use remote services to lock or wipe your Mac or iDevices. Continue reading