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Fix Adobe Flash update installers not opening

FlashIconXIn the past few days, Apple issued an update to its XProtect anti-malware system in OS X, part of which blocks versions of Adobe’s Flash Player internet plug-in for security purposes. If you need flash for your browsing, then after XProtect has been updated on your system, you will see a notice appear on Web pages that require flash, which states you need to update it. However, you may find that upon visiting Adobe’s site and downloading Flash, you are left with an unknown file on your Mac that you cannot open. Continue reading

Fix downloaded Adobe Flash installers and updates not opening

FlashIconXWhile the Web is progressively moving away from its dependency on Adobe Flash, the plugin is still quite popular and sometimes required to view Web content. Therefore you might find yourself needing to install it and then regularly update it; however, there may be times when you download Flash from Adobe’s site, but then cannot open the downloaded file. Continue reading