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How to speed up your old Mac

FinderIconXDo you have a Mac that is gaining a few years on it and is not performing the same as you remember when you first bought it? While you might not be able to pinpoint it, you might simply notice programs take longer to launch, or you now have to wait a few extra moments for other tasks to complete.

Sometimes such slowdowns are caused by errors Continue reading

How to kill a process via the Terminal

NewTerminalIconXWhen processes and applications hang in OS X, sometimes the only way to re-gain functionality is to force-quit them. For applications like Word or Safari, perhaps the simplest approach is to use Apple’s force-quit window, which can be invoked from the Apple menu, or by pressing the Option-Command-Escape hotkey. For background processes, scripts, and commands that generally run in the background, you will have to use alternative means. Continue reading