Network prioritization tips in OS X

NetworkIconXIf you use more than one type of network connection with your Mac, or if you access more than one Wi-Fi hotspot, then you might find one connection being preferentially used over another, which can sometimes frustrate your ability to get online or transfer data between systems. For example, if you generally use Wi-Fi for connecting your Macs to the internet but you try using an ad-hoc link with Continue reading

Will your Mac run OS X 10.10 Yosemite?

YosemiteInstallerIconXWith Apple’s next version of OS X now available as a public beta, you might wonder whether or not your Mac will be able to run it. While any relatively new Mac ought to be able to run the next version of OS X, if you have an older one then this may be a valid question.

Even though Apple has not yet released official system specifications for Yosemite, it has released its Public Beta which Continue reading

How to safely test the OS X Yosemite beta

YosemiteInstallerIconXAlong with its announcement of the next version of OS X, Apple has made OS X 10.10 “Yosemite” available to the public as part of its beta test program, which it recently opened up to include more than its developer community and a select group of testers.

Keep in mind that being a beta program, the OS will have a number of bugs and incomplete features, which may result in data loss, system instability, and other frustrations. Continue reading

Apple tackles E-Mail attachment limits with MailDrop

MailIconXOne of the new features that Apple is bringing to iCloud and OS X 10.10 “Yosemite” is a new way to manage attachments when you send and view them in Mail, which will bypass the common 10-25MB attachment limits imposed by e-mail providers. With this approach, Apple is allowing iCloud users who use Mail as their e-mail client, to send attachments up to 5GB in size. Continue reading

Apple introduces simplified programming with Swift

SwiftIconToday Apple has introduced a new programming language it has called Swift (not to be confused with the Swift language for parallel scripting), which is intended to be a modern and easy to use language that avoids the complexities in XCode, and allows for quicker application development.

While Apple has progressively simplified programming Continue reading

Apple brings back iDisk with iCloud Drive

iCloudIconXAlong with other information about OS X 10.10 “Yosemite” and iOS 8, Apple today announced its new iCloud Drive service that will be implemented in its devices. This service allows you to use iCloud as an online drive, where you can store any file or folder you would like, and access it on any device you have configured with iCloud.

This development aligns Apple’s iCloud service Continue reading

Copy and manage search results directly from the Spotlight menu

SpotlightIconXIf you need to find a document, program, or other file on your hard drive, then you can do so quickly by opening the Spotlight menu located at the far right of your menu bar and typing keywords to perform a search. In addition, Spotlight supports several other services like calculator functions, where you can type “5 + 6,” for instance, and get 11 as the result. Continue reading