Apple releases EFI firmware update for MacBook Air systems

FirmwareUpdateIconXFollowing the MacBook Air SMC firmware update released on June 9 to fix battery draining problems in the mid-2013 MacBook Air, Apple today released an EFI update for this system and the Early 2014 MacBook Air models, which fixes problems with waking from sleep and booting, as well as a memory and display management issue. Continue reading

Enable text selection in QuickLook

QuickLookIconXApple’s QuickLook feature in OS X is a convenient option to have when browsing for files on your Mac’s hard drive. By simply pressing the space bar with an item highlighted, you can view information about it, or see its contents. If you use this to preview the contents of text files, then you might find some added convenience from the hidden option of being able to select and copy text from within the QuickLook window. Continue reading

Yosemite introduces per-line scrolling in the Terminal

NewTerminalIconXIf you regularly use the Terminal in OS X, then you may be happy to know one feature that will likely make it into the final release of OS X Yosemite is the ability to scroll through multiple lines of text in the Terminal.

In OS X Mavericks and earlier, standard output from the Terminal is stored in its scrollback buffer, which allows Continue reading

Russian hackers arrested in possible ‘Oleg Pliss’ iOS ransom attack

BurnIconXThe Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that the hackers responsible for the recent ransom attack on iOS users, may have been arrested in Russia.

The hackers, aged 17 and 23, were from the Southern Administrative District of Moscow, and where apprehended when they were in the act of withdrawing stolen funds Continue reading

Messages in Yosemite offers per-conversation muting and screen sharing

NewMessagesIconXBeing in beta status, the features of OS X Yosemite are subject to change; however, one detail that may be exciting to those who use Apple’s Messages program is the ability to both mute specific conversations, and also request or grant screen sharing access from a current conversation. Continue reading

How to increase the efficiency of the Spotlight menu in OS X

SpotlightIconXEven though Apple’s Spotlight indexing routine is a quick and convenient way to find files and folders on your system, for any given search it may give you a rather large set of results, especially if you only use a short or common search term. If you find yourself burdened by how Spotlight presents its search results to you, there are several ways you can go about making them more convenient. Continue reading