Tips for managing a stuffed e-mail inbox in Mail

MailIconXEven though you might have plenty of storage available in your e-mail account, after a while of using Mail in OS X, you might find your inbox crammed with thousands of old messages. While Mail should be able to handle all of these messages, sometimes you might find it easier to only have a few messages to sort through.

Unfortunately, the only true way to manage old mail Continue reading

Fix downloaded Adobe Flash installers and updates not opening

FlashIconXWhile the Web is progressively moving away from its dependency on Adobe Flash, the plugin is still quite popular and sometimes required to view Web content. Therefore you might find yourself needing to install it and then regularly update it; however, there may be times when you download Flash from Adobe’s site, but then cannot open the downloaded file. Continue reading

Handoff in Yosemite limited to BlueTooth 4.0 LE enabled Macs

ContinuityIconXOne feature that Apple has touted in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite is “Handoff,” where you can begin work on one Apple device, and then continue that work seamlessly on another. For instance, you will be able to compose an e-mail or Pages document on your Mac, then grab your iPhone, tap the Handoff notice on your iOS screen, and be able to continue your work Continue reading

Apple launches 5W European USB power adapter exchange program

AppleLogoXRedAfter finding faults with its European 5W power adapter for charging iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S models that were shipped between October 2009 and September 2012, Apple has opened up an exchange program that will allow customers with faulty models to exchange them for free.

The models affected are the ones labeled Continue reading

How to verify and repair colorsync profiles in OS X

ColorSyncUtilityIconXColorSync is Apple’s technology for matching colors between image-handling devices, so an image shown on one will appear with the same tones and hues will appear the same on another. This can be seen if you use dual displays from different manufacturers, where one might show more reds or greens than another; however, if you properly calibrate your display, then you will allow your Mac to adjust for these color differences and make graphics on both appear the same. Continue reading

Notification Center in OS X 10.10 Yosemite: A Dashboard replacement

NotificationCenterIconXApple’s Notification Center is a central place to get small details about the status of various applications and system services on your Mac, allowing you to see anything from song information when iTunes changes tracks, to notices about software updates being available. In addition, Notification Center supports quickly tweeting and replying to messages, but in Yosemite the service has been revamped to mimic the Notification Center feature in iOS 7, and might even be geared to eventually replace Dashboard. Continue reading