Four ways to quickly access a file or folder in the Terminal

NewTerminalIconXIf you are at least vaguely familiar with the Terminal, then you will know that performing actions on files and folders requires you specify their full paths, and often this means you need to change to a specific directory. While you can use the “cd” command and then type out the path to the desired directory, often the sheer length of the path makes this an impractical approach. However, in the Terminal, there are four approaches you can take to make accessing a desired file or folder quicker. Continue reading

Eight Battery Saving settings for your iPhone and iPad

BatteryIconXApple touts significant battery lives for its iPhones and iPads, where you ought to be able to get about 10-14 hours of continuous use, and between 10-16 days of standby time out of them. While these values are expected to vary significantly depending on your specific uses, unless you are running highly processing-intensive programs all the time, then you ought to be able to get acceptable battery life out of your iPhone or iPad. Continue reading

Fix the inability to access a file in OS X

FinderIconYosemiteXFor security and privacy, you will not be allowed direct access to some hidden system files and those in other user accounts on your Mac, but otherwise you should at least be able to see and read the files on your system, and especially should have full access to all files in your Mac’s home folder. However, there are times when you might find yourself barred from editing or reading files for which you ought to have full access. Continue reading

How to manage e-mail without marking messages as read

MailIconYosemiteXIf you use Apple’s Mail program as your e-mail reader, you might find yourself at times needing to organize your messages, either by removing junk from your inbox, or dragging specific folders into custom mailboxes. When you do this, you might find yourself clicking around in your inbox, which will result in not only clicked messages being marked as read, but also viewing their content, which might not be desired. Continue reading

To all MacIssues readers: Thank You!

TopherSmallAs we pull into 2015, I would like to take a quick moment to thank all of the MacIssues readers and regular visitors who have helped build this site in the past year. By visiting and sharing MacIssues with friends and colleagues, this site has grown and developed a solid flow of readers, many who I have had the fortune of interacting with, either by helping with computer problems, receiving requests and advice, or otherwise. Continue reading

Prevent Siri from offering unsolicited conversation

SiriIconXApple’s Siri assistant in iOS is a neat addition to the iPhone and iPad, where you can use voice commands to manage content, look things up, and configure your system. In many cases, you might have Siri enabled but simply not use it regularly, and only have it on in the background to get to when you remember; however, after upgrading your iPhone, adjusting a few settings, and then moving on with your life, you might find Siri starting to announce things unexpectedly and without solicitation. Continue reading

Radical fix: Drill holes in your Mac to make it run cooler

MacBookProIconXMacBook systems have a notorious reputation for running hot when put under heavy load, which can make them uncomfortable to handle. This is especially true with older MacBook Pro systems from 2009-2011, where in comparison to the latest models that have vents along the side, the lack of vents causes them to run hotter and have internal fans work harder to pump air over the system’s heat-sinks. If you are sick of your Mac getting too hot, then one effective approach you can take is to open it up an drill yourself some new vent holes. Continue reading