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DVD Wedding Add-Ons

DVD Companion Wedding-Pack One
Whether you are a Wedding Videographer or the friend/relative who was asked by the bride and groom to capture footage on their wedding day, these two products are sure to enhance any wedding video. No cheesy animations or unusable pictures, just dozens of still and motion graphics to be used during the video editing process or the authoring of DVDs.

Gnome Digital Media presents DVD Companion Wedding-Pack One which is a set of professional graphics for wedding videos and DVDs.

Gnome Digital Media has developed a DVD Companion line of products, including DVD Companion Wedding-Pack One, as well as other DVD Companion “Pro-Packs”, which are designed to make DVD Authoring easier.

Wedding–Pack One is a package of twenty-five professionally designed Graphic files, which allow for the creation of Wedding DVDs using either DVD Studio Pro or iDVD.

The DVD Companion Wedding-Pack contains pre-built DVD Graphics assets, which allow for the authoring of Wedding DVD projects without the worry of creating your own graphics for menus.

Files are provided in both layered Photoshop and pict form. Each type of file is provided in a titled and untitled form. The files labelled "titled" contain a prebuilt title (i.e. “Our Wedding” or “Wedding Day”) created in Photoshop, which is flattened into the PICT file versions, and remains as a separate layer in the LAYERED PSD versions. The files labelled "untitled" consist only of the background graphic.

To eliminate the guesswork during the creation process, all of the menu designs have taken "action safe" and "title safe" dimensions into consideration.

A feature of DVD Studio Pro is the ease with which you can replace a project’s current assets with new assets. You’ll easily be able to use any of these graphics files as backgrounds for your menus. iDVD users will find these graphics especially easy to use since it automatically creates button graphics as you author.

When working in DVD Studio Pro, these assets just need to be imported into an empty DVD project in order to use them. In iDVD, it is just a matter of doing a simple drag and drop of these menus into the background of any menu in the project.

The Wedding-Pack assets are quite versatile. The Pack contains a variety of files, at both 720 x 480 and 640 x 480 for proper DVD Authoring. For iDVD, use the 640 x 480 (72 dpi) files. DVD Studio Pro users will prefer to use the 720 x 480 (72 dpi) files to begin creating their more complex menu designs. You can also use the files as background plate layers for Motion or Still Menu creation in Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, and iMovie as well as many other non-linear editing systems.

Gnome Digital Media


PRICE: $99

DVD Studio Pro 1 or later
iDVD2 or later
Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements


Customisable professional-quality still graphics, affordable Royalty-Free files.


Pre-titled files lack edit ability, no motion graphics

Wedding Essentials Volume 1
When looking for motion or still graphics for video or menus for DVDs, TriLab Productions has developed a series called Digital Hotcakes. There are several volumes, including Wedding Essentials Volume 1, containing 48 animations. They are compatible with all popular non-linear video editing software systems capable of importing Quicktime movie files and targa image sequences.

Most of the animations loop seamlessly and are descriptively named for easy reference. A printed thumbnail guide is also included with each volume. Since each animation is provided in realtime, no rendering is required. Just import them into your project and use them as backgrounds, transitions, wipes, or overlays. They can also be used as motion menus in iDVD and DVD Studio Pro.

There is a wide variety of digitally created, high quality animations to choose from, each in bright and vivid color, and the motion is subtle to add that touch of elegance. Using your imagination and creativity, your work will result in eye-catching titles and credits, as well as professional-looking DVD menus.

The Wedding Essentials package can be ordered in various formats where each file is available as a Quicktime movie and arrives on CD or DVD in DV NTSC (720x480), D1 NTSC (720x486), PAL (720x576), or on NTSC SVHS tapes, and NTSC miniDV tapes.

Users of either product are sure to find their favorite and reuse it often. Whether you are using these graphic files for titles or menus in a video or on a DVD, your project will definitely be enhanced and the viewer will be pleased with the result.

TriLab Productions


PRICE: $119

Quicktime 4 or later


a wide variety of customisable professional-quality motion graphics