Is the Apple HomePod Discontinued?

The original Apple HomePod is no more – in fact, it’s been years since it was discontinued.

However, it was replaced by the 2nd generation of HomePod at the start of 2023, and it’s accompanied by a HomePod Mini for those that may want a smaller, cheaper equivalent.

Let’s look through why the original HomePod was discontinued, and what the best option if for the average Apple user now.

What Led to the Discontinuation of the Apple HomePod 1st Generation?

Apple announced the discontinuation of the original HomePod in March 2021. This decision was somewhat surprising to many users, as it’d only recently been released in February 2018.

However, Apple released the HomePod Mini in 2020, and their decision to discontinue the HomePod 1 generation looked like a move away from the larger, bulkier style of speaker.

The reason? Well there’s been a lot of online debate about why they originally discontinued the HomePod, and it’s generally thought to be a combination of low sales and high production costs.

To have a valid profit margin on the high production costs of the HomePod, Apple needed to add a pretty hefty price tag – and with fierce competition from Amazon, Google and Sonos, this led to lower sales than anticipated.

Though there’s no official source, it’s said that the 1st generation HomePod had production costs of around $220, leaving little more than a 50% markup on the full retailing price.

The HomePod struggled, whilst the HomePod Mini achieve more success. The price point (retail $349 for the HomePod vs $99 for the HomePod Mini) was obviously a massive factor in the success of the original 1st generation HomePod.

Current Status of the Apple HomePod

As of early 2023, the original Apple HomePod had been officially discontinued, and Apple had shifted its focus to the HomePod mini. However, Apple surprised many of us when they released their 2nd generation HomePod later in Q1 2023.

Very similar to the original, one major difference between the 1st generation and 2nd generation HomePod was the price.

Apple managed to knock the reail price down to $299 rather than the original $349 that the 1st gen was launched at.

It also includes improved connectivity, a slightly smaller and lighter body, and a detachable cable.

The biggest difference though was in the speakers themselves, with Apple opting for less tweeters in their speakers.

This has obviously reduced the production costs quite a bit, which has allowed Apple to re-introduce the 2nd generation HomePod at a lower price in hope of more customer demand.

Alternatives to the Apple HomePod

If you’re in the market for a smart speaker, you don’t necessarily need to settle for the 2nd generation HomePod.

There are several alternatives available that offer comparable functionality, with integration into your chosen ecosystem being the deciding factor for many:

  • HomePod mini: A great choice for Apple users, perhaps even better value for money than the standard HomePod as it comes at 1/3 of the price. It has excellent sound quality for its size, and easy integration with Apple devices and services.
  • Amazon Echo: Another good option that’s popular for its wide range of features and compatibility with numerous smart home devices.
  • Google Nest Audio: Offers solid sound quality and integration with Google services and smart home gadgets – if you want to set up Google Home with other Google products, this is the right choice.

Overall, if you’re a Macbook, iPad or iPhone user, it just makes sense to stick with the HomePod. But whether that’s a Mini or not depends on a few factors.

HomePod or HomePod Mini – Which to Choose?

Whether you opt for the HomePod or HomePod Mini is subjective – for many people, the Mini will be the better option, as it offers many of the same features but at a more accessible price point.

The HomePod mini continues to be held in pretty high esteem by Apple users, mainly for its easy integration with the Apple ecosystem, and of course it’s fairly cheap price point.

The second generation HomePod sales seem to be faring a little better than the first generation.

So whether you’re a current HomePod user or considering a smart speaker purchase, between the Mini and the HomePod 2nd generation there are ample choices to integrate smart technology into your home.



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