How to Watch Netflix on Apple CarPlay

With Apple’s CarPlay system, you can have Netflix sessions whilst in your car – as long as you’re safely parked, of course.

In the past, the ability to watch Netflix through CarPlay was restricted. This was finally changed a few years ago, with Netflix rolling out an update to its iOS app with CarPlay compatibility.

Here’s how you can set up Netflix streaming on Apple’s CarPlay platform. To do this, you’ll need a car that supports CarPlay, an iPhone running iOS 15 or newer, and most importantly, a Netflix subscription.

How to Watch Netflix on CarPlay

First, you’ll need to connect your iPhone to your car’s CarPlay interface. In most vehicles, this is done either wirelessly over Bluetooth or by plugging your iPhone into your car using a Lightning cable.

Once connected to CarPlay, you can launch the Netflix app a few different ways

  1. Tap the Netflix app icon on your car’s CarPlay screen
  2. Alternatively, use the Siri voice command: “Hey Siri, open Netflix”
  3. You can also connect your iPhone, then open Netflix and tap the CarPlay icon in the app

From there, the Netflix interface on your car display will mirror what you see on your iPhone’s Netflix app.

You can browse content, select titles to watch, and use playback controls like play/pause, fast forward, etc.

While the ability to watch Netflix on CarPlay is certainly convenient, there are a few limitations to be aware of:

  • Video can only play while your vehicle is parked and in park – Netflix doesn’t allow playback while driving for safety reasons
  • Streaming will eat through your iPhone’s mobile data unless connected to Wi-Fi
  • Not all vehicle infotainment displays may support Netflix’s highest streaming resolutions

Overall, Netflix’s addition of CarPlay support makes it even easier to stay entertained no matter where your travels take you.

Just connect your iPhone, queue up your favorite shows and movies, and you can get back to watching Bridgerton or The Umbrella Academy.



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