How to Wake Up Macbook

Waking up your MacBook is a simple process, but there are a few different ways of doing it, depending on the status of your device. We’re going to look through the easiest ways to wake your Macbook up.

The Standard Wake-Up Process

  1. Open the lid of your MacBook if it’s closed.
  2. Press any key on the keyboard or click the trackpad.
  3. If you have an external keyboard or mouse connected, clicking or pressing a key will also wake the MacBook.
  4. The MacBook should light up and display the login screen. Enter your password if required.

In most cases, your Macbook should wake up when you do this. Check out this articleif you find that your Macbook won’t wake up.

Advanced Wake-Up Settings on Macbook

It’s worth diving into the more advanced settings that you can use to wake your Macbook up too. To do this, first you need to go into System Settings and then into Battery.


Once you’re in Battery, scroll to the bottom and click on the Options button. Here, you’ll find your Advanced Battery Settings.


You have the ability to;

  • Prevent automatic sleeping on your Macbook
  • Put your hard disk to sleep whenever your device has a chance
  • Set your Macbook to wake for network access, which means you can still receive things like iMessages when they arrive

These settings give us a little more control over our Macbooks when they’re sleeping, and are worth customizing to your preference.


Waking up your MacBook is straightforward enough, but understanding the different modes and troubleshooting common issues can enhance your user experience.

Adjusting settings to suit your usage can also help in conserving battery life and improving performance.


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