How to Undo Your Last Action in Apple Notes on Mac

We’ve all been there – you’re typing away in Notes, capturing your brilliant ideas, when suddenly your fingers slip and you accidentally delete a crucial part of your note. Or maybe you applied some formatting you didn’t intend and want to quickly revert it.

In this post, I’ll show you a few simple ways to undo on your Mac and get your notes back to their former glory.

Use the Quick Undo Shortcut

The easiest way to undo in almost any app on Mac is to use the trusty Command+Z keyboard shortcut. Apple Notes is no exception! As soon as you perform an action you want to revert, like deleting text, just hit Command+Z and voila – your action will be undone in an instant.

This shortcut is a huge timesaver when you’re typing quickly and make a small mistake. It undoes your very last action, whether that was deleting characters, applying a style, inserting an image, or creating a checklist. Just keep in mind it only goes back one step. If you want to undo multiple actions, you’ll need to press Command+Z repeatedly, once for each action in the reverse order you performed them.

Access Undo from the Edit Menu

Another easy way to undo in Notes is through the Edit menu in the app’s menu bar. Just click on Edit in the top menu bar and select “Undo” from the dropdown menu (or “Undo Typing” if your last action was entering text). You can also access the undo command by clicking on the notes editor with your touchpad or mouse and selecting “Undo” from the context menu that appears.

The Edit menu displays the name of the action that will be undone, like “Undo Typing” or “Undo Paste”. This is handy if you performed several actions and want to make sure you’re undoing the right one before you commit.

Undo Across Devices with iCloud Sync

One of the best features of Apple Notes is how seamlessly it syncs your notes across all your Apple devices via iCloud. This means the undo action works across devices too!

Let’s say you’re working on a note on your Macbook and make an edit you want to undo. Then you step away from your computer and later pull up that same note on your iPhone. You can still hit undo and revert the change you made on your Mac, even though you’re now on a different device. The undo history gets synced via iCloud along with the contents of your note. Pretty slick, huh?

A Few Undo Caveats to Note

While undoing in Apple Notes is pretty straightforward, there are a couple limitations to keep in mind:

  • You can only undo your most recent actions one at a time, in the reverse order you made them. There’s no way to selectively pick an earlier action to undo while preserving the later ones.
  • For typed text, you can undo character by character. But for other actions like applying styles or inserting images, undo reverts the entire action at once.
  • Undo history doesn’t persist forever. If you close the Notes app or shut down your device, the undo stack is cleared and you can no longer revert earlier actions.

Undo Keeps Your Notes Tidy

The next time you make an accidental edit or have a change of heart while working in Apple Notes on your Mac, remember the power of undo! Whether you use the Command+Z shortcut or access it from the Edit menu, undoing your last action is a quick and easy way to keep your notes neat, tidy, and error-free. It’s one of those small but essential features that makes Apple Notes such a pleasure to use.


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