How to Type a Cent Symbol on Mac (¢)

The cent symbol (¢) is a frequently used character when dealing with financial documents or content.

Though when looking at your Mac keyboard or external Magic keyboard, it’s not actually visible. Here’s how to type the cent symbol on Macbook.

Quick Steps to Access the Cent Symbol

Typing the cent symbol on a Mac is straightforward and can be done in a couple of simple steps.

The easiest way is to hold down the ‘Option’ key on your keyboard and then press the ‘4’ key once.

After doing this, the cent symbol (¢) will appear in your text. This method works across various applications on macOS, including word processors, web browsers, and email clients.

Alternative Methods for Inserting the Cent Symbol

If you use the cent symbol all the time or prefer a different method, macOS offers alternative ways to generate it.

Using the Character Viewer

Even some long-time macOS users aren’t aware that it includes a Character Viewer utility that provides access all of the symbols and special characters available.

Click on the ‘Edit’ menu in your application, and then select ‘Emoji & Symbols’ – the default shortcut for this is to press ‘Control-Command-Space’ to open the Character Viewer.


In the Character Viewer, you can search for ‘cent’ to quickly find the cent symbol or search for it under Currency Symbols.

Creating a Keyboard Shortcut

For those who frequently use the cent symbol, creating a custom keyboard shortcut might be more efficient.

This can be done through the ‘System Settings’ under ‘Keyboard’ settings. Here, you can assign a unique key combination to insert the cent symbol.


Creating a shortcut for the cent sign in macOS is fairly straightforward, and it can help to improve your workflow.



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