How to share screen on Macbook

In the past, sharing your screen to another device on a Macbook could be frustrating, but now, it’s easier than ever. Whether it’s for a presentation or you just want to quickly show something you’ve been working on, here’s how to share your screen on a Macbook.

How to enable screensharing on Macbook – Setting it up

First, you’ll need to click into System Settings. This can be found by clicking the Apple icon in your menu bar.


Next, click the General option. Here, you should be able to find Sharing under this category.


Once you’re in Sharing, you can then enable screen sharing on your Macbook by toggling the option on. Once screen sharing is on, select the Information icon to allow other devices to connect to your Macbook.


From this section, you can choose the option “Anyone may request permission to control screen” if you want to allow anyone to access it.

Otherwise, you’ll need to add individual users and set them up with a password. They can either search for your device using finder, or use VNC access by entering the details into their browser.


Thankfully, this process is fairly straightforward for anyone that wants to start screensharing to their Macbook from another device.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

There are some typical problems that users face when trying to share their screen. If you encounter issues with screen sharing, consider these solutions:

  • First, check Network Settings: Ensure both parties are on a stable internet connection.
  • Then, verify Permissions: Make sure screen sharing is enabled in System Preferences and the correct users are allowed access.
  • Finally, restart the Application: Sometimes, a simple restart of the Messages or Finder application can resolve the issue.

Screen sharing on a MacBook is a versatile tool that enhances productivity and collaboration.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly share your screen or view others’, making remote work and support both easy and efficient.


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