How to right click Apple mouse on Macbook

The Apple Magic mouse is the most popular peripheral for Macbook users, and this is largely down to its simplistic design.

Whilst Logitech and other brands add more customization to their range, Apple have decided to keep it as minimal as possible with the Magic mouse.

This leaves a lot of people wondering how to right click when using it. If that’s you, then here’s what to do.

Right Click Using Magic Mouse

To right click on using an Apple Magic mouse, you need to hold the control button down when you click normally. There’s only one button to press on the Apple mouse, just like there’s only one button on your trackpad.

So if you press the button normally, you’ll register a left click. If you press the button whilst holding down the Control button, you’ll register a right click. Simple.

If you want the ability to right click to your mouse, you can change this from your System Settings. Once there, scroll down until you see the Mouse option.


You’ll then be able to see a Toggle option for secondary click (this is what right click is called on Macbook, or sometimes Control click. You can then enable this for each the right side or left side of your Magic mouse.

Right Click on Macbook with Trackpad

You can also right click using your Macbook trackpad in the same way – hold down the Control button at the same time as you click.

However, an additional way for you to do this with your Trackpad is to place two fingers on the trackpad at the same time as you click. This will also bring up the options that you can get with a right click on Windows devices.

You can also change this from within your System Settings too within the Trackpad option if you want to change the Control click, as well as other settings to resolve problems like your mouse cursor vanishing.

Either way, right clicking on a Macbook is as simple as it is on a Windows device – you just need to know how to do it.



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