How to left click on a Macbook

The Macbook trackpad is designed to be user-friendly. Traditional Windows laptops have separate buttons for left and right clicks, but with macOS, the trackpad is completely buttonless, which can be using for new Apple converts.

With no specific left click or primary mouse button, how do you even click on a Mac? Actually, it’s pretty simple.

To left click on a Macbook, all you need to do is click the trackpad with one finger – this can be anywhere on the trackpad, it doesn’t need to specifically be on the left-hand side of its surface.

It’s a similar process when using the Apple mouse – all you need to do is press down on the Mac mouse to perform a left click.

These are the default settings for Macbook users. If you want to change these, you need to head into System Settings (formerly System Preferences).

Tap to Click on a Mac

You can easily change your settings to make any tap on the top of your trackpad a click. To do this, go to System Settings then Trackpad. Then, turn the tap to click toggle on.


You can also turn on secondary clicks here – this will enable right clicking on your Macbook, which isn’t included as default.

You also have the option to change your trackpad settings here in multiple ways, including your clicking pressure and tracking speed.

Enable Mouse Keys

To do this, go into Accessibility and then select Pointer Control. Then, toggle mouse keys on to enable this setting.


You can also change your pointer click speed here, as well as multiple other settings like like your double click speed.

Left click not working properly on Mac

First, it’s crucial to identify whether the problem is hardware or software-related. A simple test is to try using an external mouse.

If the external mouse works fine, the issue is likely with your MacBook’s trackpad. Conversely, if the problem persists, it’s probably a software issue.

  1. Verify your system settings. Go to System Preferences > Trackpad and ensure the ‘Tap to click’ and ‘Secondary click’ options are configured correctly.

  2. Update your macOS. Outdated software can lead to compatibility issues and bugs.

  3. Check for any conflicting applications or settings that might alter the trackpad functionality.

The left click on a MacBook trackpad is essential to using your device properly, and customizing it to your preference can significantly enhance your navigation and overall experience with your device.



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